5 Ideas to Change the Perception of Your Space

Colour and pattern can completely change the perception of interior spaces, depending on where they’re used. It’s possible to make your ceilings feel taller or your space feel longer, just by using paint and wallpaper. Here are 5 ideas for how to change the perception of your space.

woodchip and magnolia border

Use a border to heighten the walls
Borders can be used anywhere but one place you could use one to draw the eye upwards and give the illusion of a taller space, is on the top section of your wall; between your picture rail and ceiling coving. Using a border in this area will make your room feel much taller than it actually is as it brings the focus of the space to the top. 

land of milk and honey butterflies

Create a feature wall to shorten a space 
If you want a large space to feel more intimate and welcoming, use a feature wall to bring the wall into the space by either painting it or using wallpaper. This works especially well in living rooms where you want a homely feel; perfect for watching movies on the sofa. 

back wall and ceiling paint

Use a darker paint colour to make the room feel more spacious
By painting one back wall and the ceiling in a darker shade to the other three walls, you will open the space up and make it feel much wider and more spacious.

land of milk and honey butterflies

Lower the ceiling by wallpapering it
If you have very high ceilings but would prefer a more intimate feel, consider wallpapering it. This will give the impression the ceiling is much lower than it really is, and also introduce a touch of colour and pattern at the same time. 

Compact a room by painting it all one colour
Wrapping a room in the same colour creates a gorgeous dark and moody vibe, perfect for example in a bedroom. Include the woodwork for the full effect and add patterned soft furnishings and layered fabrics to break up the block colour. 

woodchip and magnolia paint

Create an alcove effect with paint
Use paint to trick the eye into thinking there's an alcove by painting on the walls parallel to the bed and above on the ceiling. Just make sure you paint all the same width around.

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