Choose Your Decor Based on Sophie Robinsons Seasonal Personality Theory

We recently read Sophie Robinsons colour psychology series, which explains the 4 personality types matched to the seasons and how this relates to our interior styles.

It got us thinking about how we can categorise our designs and paint colours to each of Sophie’s personality types, to make it easier to bring your dream scheme to life based on your style. We’ve put a little guide together based on each season, to match our designs and paint colours to your personality. Read on to discover whether you’re Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter and how to choose your decor based on your season.


As Sophie describes in her blog posts, the Spring personality type loves a bright and uplifting interior. They favour light room schemes, ideally with big windows to let lots of light in, and often reach for light furnishing fabrics for a fresh and modern feel. As we know, Spring is the time of full bloom, so freshening up your space with floral wallpapers and bright and punchy colours will last a Spring personality type a lifetime.

Spring wallpapers
Arcadia Daffodil
Bamboozle sage
Maytime Evergreen
Rivington Neo Mint
Twiggy Evergreen
Va Va Frome Meadow Green
Vintage Fearne Duck Egg

Spring paint colours
001 Cotton
010 Moss
003 Pink Cloud
002 Magnolia
008 Turton

Spring murals
Garden of Dreams Duck Egg
Garden of Dreams Daffodil
Wisteria Botanical Green
Wisteria Botanical Mint
Pavilion Gardens Summer Green


As in nature, the colours of Spring fade to a more muted palette in Summer; think peonies, roses and hydrangeas as opposed to the bright daffodils and bluebells of Spring. If you’re a Summer personality type you’re drawn to this more muted palette and love a timeless and elegant interior, with attention to detail being high on your list of priorities. Faded glamour is your style and you opt for soft fabrics, understated paint colours and a tonal palette to reflect this.

Summer wallpapers
Busy Bee Bracken
Crane Bird Japanese Blue
Dawn Chorus Forest Green
Ey Up Duck Natural
Fearless Blush Pink
Hellebore Floral
Magical Garden Linen
Plumage Plaster Pink

Summer paint colours
003 Pink Cloud
011 Mallard
008 Turton
002 Magnolia

Summer murals
Land of Milk and Honey Butterflies Pink
Peaceful Countryside Blue
Garden of Dreams Magnolia
Pavilion Gardens Blush


Autumn personality types love a warm and cosy interior full of love and character. Soft furnishings like cushions, drapery and floor coverings are commonplace and a fireplace is usually the focal point in a room. Room schemes are grounded with rich and earthy colours and resplendent with motifs of the outdoors. These nature lovers are most drawn towards vintage and up cycled pieces to furnish their home with.

Autumn wallpapers
Ava Marika Teal/Orange
Avar Hare
Broadhead Forest Lichen Green
Mirk Peat Brown
Turton Burnt Ochre
Twiggy Brown and Blush

Autumn paint colours
009 Bracken
004 First Light
002 Magnolia
005 Hare
015 Gorse

Autumn murals
Garden of Eden Natural
September Chrysanthemum
Heaton Park Autumn


Just like the coldest season of the year, a Winter personality type has a stripped-back aesthetic, favouring a more stark and minimal interior. A monochrome palette with the odd bold accent colour such as bright yellow or cobalt blue are what winter types are most drawn towards, as well as luxurious textures such as leather, metallics and marble. They have expensive taste and love to bring technology into their interior to create a, dramatic and impressive feel. 

Winter wallpapers
Broadhead Forest Dove
Busy Bee Charcoal
Delancey Grey
Flow Stone
Marble Grey 
Va Va Frome Noir Black
Nimbostratus Mist Grey

Winter paint colours
012 Reservoir
001 Cotton
013 Coal
006 Peat
007 Drizzle

Winter murals
Land of Milk and Honey Grey
Nidra Pebble Grey
Imagate Natural
Heaton Park Charcoal

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