Decor ideas for a north-facing room

Rooms which are north-facing (meaning the windows in the room face north) don’t tend to get much natural light. Any natural light they do receive is usually very cool, making the room feel quite cold and dark. To counteract the lack of warmth and sunlight, it’s always best to decorate a north-facing room with warming colours like pinks, or anything with a yellow undertone. Your aim here is to bounce the light around as much as possible and to breathe warmth into the space. Doing this will bring a bright and welcoming feel to the room. 

An alternative option in a north-facing room is to embrace the darkness and go with it. Rather than fight it, create a cocooning and cosy feel with rich colours and dark pigments; particularly good for cinema rooms or rooms which are used mostly in the evening. It’s still best however to avoid anything with a cool undertone and opt for warming dark shades instead.

Here are three schemes we’ve put together perfect for a tricky north-facing room.

 Oasis mural and lush fabric

Image features Oasis Mural, 004 First Light, Lush velvet fabric and 002 Magnolia

oasis wall mural
Image features Oasis Mural and Lush Velvet fabric

Our Oasis Mural is a beautifully warm and rich design, guaranteed to soften a cooler room due to its pastel shades and sunset hues. When paired with 004 First Light, which is a very warming, almost terracotta shade of pink, it creates an inviting and cosy vibe, without feeling too dark and cocooning. Use velvet in your soft furnishings in a bold and colourful design like Lush Green/Pink to inject a sense of fun into the space. 

north facing room decor ideas

Image features Ava Marika Moody wallpaper, 003 Pink Cloud and 014 Moorland

@em.gurner bedroom ava marika
Image @em.gurner @anna.yanovski

Create a cosy and cocooning feel in a bedroom with Ava Marika Electric wallpaper paired with 014 Moorland and 003 Pink Cloud. The dark nature of the wallpaper will bring the cocooning feel, whilst the pink undertones of both the paint colours and the wallpaper will keep the room from feeling cold and dark.


avar pink cloud

Image features Avar Pink Cloud wallpaper, 002 Magnolia and 003 Pink Cloud

avar pink cloud wallpaper
Image features Avar Pink Cloud Wallpaper

A light and bright scheme enabling what sunlight does come in through the window, to bounce around the room and create an airy feel. Choose an off-white with warm undertones such as 002 Magnolia to continue the light and bright theme, and use a warming accent like 003 Pink Cloud to further add warmth and colour to the space. 

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