Behind the collection: Introducing Pavilion Gardens

Pavillion Gardens; a place where two worlds collide.

A remarkable new collection from Woodchip & Magnolia, including Chinoiserie wallpaper and fabric designs inspired by traditional Chinese and Japanese artistic skills, and fused with the splendour and opulence of Buxton’s Victorian Pavilion gardens in the picturesque county of Derbyshire. Think pretty pastel shades, ultra bright pops of colour and floral patterns resplendent with motifs of nature and exotic landscapes. Consisting of 4 extraordinary designs, the collection also includes wallpaper, fabric and murals.

So come, step inside the Pavilion Gardens and discover the abundance of beauty there is to behold...

pavilion gardens mural

Image features Pavilion Gardens mural in Blush Green, Teal and Summer Green

Pavilion Gardens Mural
The Pavilion Gardens are mere figments of our imagination; pulled from the enchanting nature of the Orient and blended with the Victorians love for spectacular botanical conservatories. An oasis of impressive evergreens and breathtaking foliage, the Pavilion Gardens mural is set against a soothing ombre backdrop, reminiscent of the fading daylight on a warm summers day.

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Image features Bamboozle in Salmon, Sage and Cornflower

If you listen closely, you can just about hear the soft rustle of bamboo swaying in the wind; the gentle ripple of a breeze between the delicate leaves of our fictional Bamboozle plant. Capturing the spirit of Chinoiserie and Oriental design, Bamboozle is a dazzling botanical print available as a wallpaper and in a choice of velvet and linen fabric.

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Image features Arcadia in Blush, Sherbet, Moss, Mint, Daffodil, Magnolia and Mallard

The bold and beautiful Arcadia is a design born from the idea of peace and contentment. A bountiful garden of exotic blooms and trailing vines, it's a piece inspired by Chinoiserie and oriental design, then given a modern and inspired twist with a selection of bright and beautiful background shades. Available as both a fabric and wallpaper.

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garden of dreams mural

Image features Garden of Dreams in Teal, Magnolia, Exotic and Magical Pink

Garden of Dreams
Go on a journey of discovery with our Garden of Dreams design, inspired by Chinoiserie and oriental style. Capturing an untouched landscape, Garden of Dreams is a fantastical place teeming with life. Hear the sweet birdsong whistling through the trees and feel the romance of the botanical blooms and delicate flowers radiate from your walls. Available in a palette of mesmerising colours to help bring your home to life.

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