Oasis Mural 3 Ways

Our Oasis mural depicts fading daylight bringing a magical calm across the edge of the rainforest. With a soft, glowing palette of lush botanical greens and calming pastel shades, it's a mural that makes a statement whilst also bringing a sense of tranquility to a space. 

It works well in juxtaposition with traditional period detailing whilst equally holding its own in a newer build setting. Whilst colourful and energetic it also holds calming qualities which makes it quite unique and we love to see all of the different ways this mural can be used. 

Here are 3 of our favourite ways to use our Oasis mural in your home. 

oasis mural

Child's bedroom 
We love to see a child's bedroom decor that will grow with the child. We believe in longevity and have created all of our wallpapers to last, so seeing a child's bedroom like this one by @irastorza_interiors which will see it's little occupant through to teenage-hood and beyond is inspiring. We love how natural materials and period details work so well against the mural.

For a similar look, pair Oasis mural with 001 Cotton paint

oasis mural

Master bedroom
Our Oasis mural can work beautifully in a child's bedroom but as proven here by designers @kandhdesignsltd, it can work equally as well in a master bedroom. The designers of this room have used a complementing paint colour on the adjacent walls and woodwork to pick out and highlight the stunning blue and green tones in the mural to create a grown up and sophisticated yet colourful dream scheme.

For a similar look, pair with 008 Turton paint.

oasis mural

Office space
If you WFH, you'll want to be surrounded by a motivational and inspiring work space. Plain white walls do nothing to lift a mood so adding colour and pattern to the walls you're faced with day in day out is key to a positive mindset. We love how @swoonworthyblog has created a feature wall from the Oasis mural, resulting in a swoon worthy backdrop for online meetings. 

For a similar look, pair with 003 Pink Cloud paint on the ceiling.


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