Real Rooms: Butterflies in Courtney's Bathroom

Having followed Courtney from @zigandcompany for a while now, we're a bit obsessed with her colourful and pattern-tastic home based in Louisville, Kentucky. We love how each room in her home is bursting at the seams with personality and pattern, and we're particularly in love with her use of our Rivington Lush Green Wallpaper in her hallway and Lepidoptera Willow Green in her bathroom. We asked Courtney all about her choices and interior style, and how her rooms make her feel. 

Rivington Lush Green Wallpaper

Image features Rivington Lush Green Wallpaper

Hi Courtney! Tell us, how would you describe your interior design style?
I would describe it as as colourful, traditional and with a splash of whimsy.

What attracted you to our Lepidoptera wallpaper in your bathroom?
I love the Lepidoptera wallpaper because of the butterflies/moths designs. I'm completely obsessed with it and think it's so fun and whimsical. Plus, it comes in the most perfect shade of green. 

How does your bathroom make you feel?
My bathroom makes me so happy - I smile every time I walk into it.  It's such a cheerful space and the walls are just so unexpected, fun and artistic in my opinion.

Lepidoptera Willow Green Wallpaper

Image features Lepidoptera Willow Green Wallpaper

What inspired you to use Rivington Lush Green Wallpaper in your hallway?
The Rivington Wallpaper is my nod to all things Chinoiserie. I love Chinoiserie style and the Rivington with it's pale pink, white and yellow flowers and blue branches against the green background I think is just absolutely dreamy. All the same colours I've incorporated throughout my first floor decor and the entry just ties it all together so nicely.

Do you tend to find the wallpaper first and design the room around it, or the other way round?
It's a mixture of both, or whichever comes first; the wallpaper or the room. I usually see a wallpaper and am inspired by it, much like a piece of artwork because at the end of the day, it is artwork. I then see if I can incorporate it into my existing design; does it flow from adjacent rooms? Do the colours coordinate? And so forth. If I can answer yes, then the wallpaper is a go.

Rivington Lush Green Wallpaper

How do you go about putting an interior design together for a room?
I think every designer may answer this differently. I'm usually inspired by one piece firstly; whether it's a piece of furniture, a wallpaper or a fabric, then I build off of that. 

What should no home be without?
That is easy - no home should be without colour! It is life-giving and inspiring.  

What's your favourite room in your house?
Oh that's hard - I kinda like them all! The winner would probably be the kitchen though. It's literally in the centre of my home and is the heart of it. My husband custom-made the most adorable green scalloped range hood and it's one of my favourite things.  

What's your favourite flower?
I love all flowers! Seriously, everything from a rose to a black eyed Susan. I do not believe God created any flowers inferior to the other.  They are all gorgeous (though some do smell better than others)!

Do you have any upcoming projects?
I do have an upcoming project! I am actually starting work on a laundry room, converting it to a bathroom and mudroom area for the One Room Challenge this spring.
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