Scheming: The Petrichor Collection



The wonderful smell in the air after the rain has fallen

Made up of a carefully curated collection of 15 paint colours and 5 wallpaper designs, our Petrichor Collection is inspired by the landscapes of the Lancashire Moors and the transition of seasons, as well as exploring the beauty of traditional heritage with a modern twist.

With so many beautifully complementing wallpaper and paint combinations, there’s a dream scheme for everyone. We’ve done the hard work so you don't have to and picked out a few of our favourite pairings from the Petrichor Collection...

Omism and 011 Mallard
Evoking a sense of calm and tranquility, our 001 Mallard Blue paint has undertones of green, picking out the green leaves of our Onism Mallard Blue wallpaper beautifully, and creating a match made in decorating heaven. 
Floresta Green Moss and 009 Bracken
Bring the outdoors in with this green dream scheme. We recommend using 009 Bracken on the woodwork to bring a calming feel to the space, leaving the Floresta wallpaper to make a statement.
Mirk Moss Reservoir and 012 Reservoir
Our Mirk wallpaper gives a nod to art deco, and our deep inky warm blue 012 Reservoir creates a moody drama. Bring them together for an opulent and luxury feel. 
Avar Bracken Green and 005 Hare
Brown is one of nature's neutrals and our earthy taupe coloured 005 Hare really brings out the natural element of Avar Bracken Green. The pinky notes also pick out the florals in the Avar, giving this combo a slight feminine feel to it.

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