Jess Howard Wallpaper

Recently graduating from Birmingham City University with a textile degree specialising in Print and surface design, Jess is the newest member to the Woodchip and Magnolia Tribe. Jess has always been hugely inspired by materiality and multiple processes across design and this collection illustrates this perfectly.

Destructive Contrast, Beautiful Damage is an exploration of many different visual stimulant and techniques to create the gritty but delicate pattern. The concept of this collection was to take inspiration from the broken, damaged and weathered objects, whether that was from the urban environment, the human body, nature or space, and find beauty in the detail.

Jess works in a very experimental way, continually trying different technics in different orders to produce different surfaces and patterns. Each design has be photographed, screen printed, painted, devoré, waxed, photogrammed and many more, multiple times to create the raw organic texture and pattern that makes these flat digital designs still have the texture of the original 

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