Haze Rose Wallpaper Mural
Haze Rose Wallpaper Mural
Haze Rose Wallpaper Mural
Haze Rose Wallpaper Mural
Haze Rose Wallpaper Mural
Haze Rose Wallpaper Mural
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Barry Spence

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Haze Rose Wallpaper Mural

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A hand painted masterpiece by artist Barry Spence turned into a wall mural.

Often I think back to the Summer of 1976 which was the longest and hottest I can remember by some margin. With this design I wanted to evoke the feeling of meandering through a scorching meadow on a beautiful dreamy summers day. My intention was to tease the viewer into almost being able to smell the pollen in the hazy atmosphere and hear the dizzy buzz of bees heavy with their golden booty! 

Barry Spence // Artist


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Quick and easy 'Paste The Wall' application method.

Easy to remove, simply peels off in one strip (no scraper or steamer required)

Easy installation with numbered panels starting with panel 1 hang left to right.

Pattern Repeat Straight

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