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Extraordinary made to measure for your walls.

Every mural is bespoke….

As manufacturers and designer’s we love working with you to create your perfect layout so you end up with a completely bespoke service and a wall mural that is unique to you.

What we offer:

  • A bespoke wall mural designed just for your wall’s or ceiling.

  • We are able to tweak layouts, flip and remove elements of the design e.g If you are ordering a Zephyr mural and it is going on a wall with a door/window etc we will move the elements around the door (nobody wants half a swallow on their wall when you can have a full one!).

  • We can work with the most complex of room layouts and can offer a full design solution to the most awkward of spaces.

  • We can (and have on numerous occasions) create a seamless mural around all 4 walls.

  • All our scenic murals repeat which allow us to create seamless murals without loss of any design aspects, we don’t simply crop and scale murals to fit spaces.

  • A purely sustainable product with minimal waste and no awkward pattern matching.

  • Occasionally we use widely available imagery from archive's e.g  The Rijkks Museum we will credit the artist e.g Jan

  • All designs beautifully matt and not shiny.

Paul & I love to offer our creative and technical advice on how to create your perfect mural.

Send us your wall dimensions and/or your design requirements, we happily accept rough sketches and photos of your wall, we will work together with you on your project.

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Abundance Wall Mural
Abundance Wall Mural

Jan Davidsz. de Heem

Abundance Wall Mural

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