5 Decorating Tips to Bring the Outdoors In

It's been such a long winter, we've almost forgotten what it's like to be outside. If you're feeling the same and yearning for the feeling of being surrounded by nature, then why not bring the outside indoors with your decor?

Here are 5 top decorating tips to help bring the outside in...

Peaceful Countryside Green mural
Image by @nbinteriorsuk featuring our Peaceful Countryside Green mural

1. Use a wraparound mural depicting a landscape or treescape
There's no better way to surround yourself with nature than literally surrounding yourself with a stunning landscape or other-wordly treescape. Choose a mural in a green shade like Oasis Natural for a serene feel or go all out with a bold and colourful mural such as Nirvana

2. Add smaller touches
If redecorating your whole room is off the cards, try adding smaller touches throughout your decor and soft furnishings. Natural materials such as shells collected along the beach or foliage found in the woods add a personal touch whilst soft furnishings like cushions and throws will help bring the feeling of cosiness and nature into your room.

lush green pink wallpaper
Image features Lush Green/Pink wallpaper

3. Choose green paint colours
It may sound obvious but choosing to paint your walls in a shade of green will instantly add a feeling of nature to your space. Green also has an emotive quality to it and evokes a feeling of peace and freshness so is great for decorating with.

4. Use eco friendly decorating materials
Not only will you feel closer to nature by using eco friendly wallpaper, paint and fabric but the earth will thank you for it too. Look out for the FSC certified logo as this means the paper has been sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests and always choose breathable water based paint with little to no VOC's (like ours, of course!).

nirvana muralImage by @loveallthingsquirky featuring Nirvana mural 

5. Add plants
Simply bring the outdoors in by introducing real plants to your space. Pop them in colourful plant pots to add more life and colour to your room and feel safe in the knowledge that not only do they look good, they're creating a healthier environment by producing oxygen too. 


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