Dream Schemes To Fall in Love With

Did you know our paint collection was created to perfectly complement our papers and fabrics? We've put together a few of our favourite dream schemes to inspire your interiors...

Lush Dream Scheme

Our Lush Green/Pink wallpaper works perfectly with our paint colours 003 Pink Cloud, 002 Magnolia and 010 Moss. We'd suggest using one of the colours, such as Moss, as the main complementing colour with another of the shades used as an accent colour. Our Lush Velvet is a dream to upholster furniture with and would give your room the WOW-factor placed against a Lush wallpapered wall, or even our Oasis Mural, for the pattern on pattern effect. 

Rivington in Pink

Our Rivington Pink design is another that works brilliantly with 010 Moss. Panel the walls of your bathroom at half height and paint with 010 Moss. Use 001 Cotton on the ceiling and then wallpaper the walls above the panelling in Rivington Pink. 

Ava Marika Electric

We can just picture our Ava Marika Electric wallpaper in a bedroom paired with 003 Pink Cloud or 014 Moorland on the walls and 001 Cotton on the ceiling. Dress the windows using our Ava Marika Velvet for an allover pattern effect.

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