Frequently Asked Questions: Murals

Love murals but aren't sure what they are or how to use them? We answer all of your mural frequently asked questions...

1. What is a mural?
A mural is a piece of artwork printed onto paper and applied to the wall (similar to wallpaper!). They're usually one image or design and don't have a repeat pattern.

2. What's the difference between wallpaper and a mural?
The main difference between wallpaper and a mural is that a mural can be printed to fit your space exactly. We can tweak our mural designs to accommodate for archways, doorways or furniture for example, so that the design sits right in your room. The designs on a mural are also usually much larger than the designs on a wallpaper, and whereas wallpapers tend to have a repeat pattern, murals are one image or design. 

oasis pastel mural
Image @kandhdesignltd featuring Oasis Pastel Mural

3. Why are wall murals so good?
Murals are almost a piece of art. They're a statement piece that bring personality, colour and pattern to a room and make a real feature. As they're so customisable, they also feel very unique to your personal style and space, and as the designs are large scale, murals create the illusion of height, even in the smallest of rooms.

Nidra ink mural
Image @houseofhorspool featuring Nidra Ink Mural

4. Where can I use a mural?
You can use murals in all areas of the home. They're not limited to just the bedroom or living room; they work great in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway too. The beauty of them being customisable is that we can make them work anywhere.

5. How do I know which mural to choose?
Choose what you love! If you see a design and love it, then go for it. Murals are great for injecting your own personality into a space. An oversized design in deep and rich tones can add depth and drama, or if you're looking for a more subtle approach, try a vintage-inspired wall mural in a soft neutral.

garden of dreams magical pink
Image @novakparkes featuring Garden of Dreams Magical Pink Mural

6. Where can I buy a mural?
From Woodchip & Magnolia of course! Shop all of our murals here.

7. Can I use a mural on the ceiling? 
Of course you can! We love seeing our murals used on the ceiling. People often forget the 5th wall as a space to decorate but it makes such an impact when taken into consideration too.

land of milk and honey butterflies
Image @quirkofsloane_uk featuring Land of Milk and Honey Butterflies Mural

8. How do I put up a wall mural?
Read this blog post where we explain step by step how to install mural.

9. How long will my mural take to arrive?
Due to the bespoke nature of our murals, manufacturing time can take up to 3 working days from the point of customer sign off on the design. Once manufactured, delivery time can then take an additional up to 3 working days (UK only).