12 things to know about our luxury paint collection

paint by woodchip and magnolia

1. Our luxury paint collection has been created to complement beautifully with our wallpapers and murals

2. But they work on their own too

bamboozle and bracken

3. We ensure every paint colour is laden with high levels of pigment to give an incredible depth of colour

4. All of our shades are available as a supreme matt emulsion and sold in 2.5l tins

5. They’re vegan-friendly, water-based, have low or minimal VOC content and are virtually odourless. This means they’re much kinder to you, your home and the environment

oasis and turton

6. They’re also EN71-3 Certified, also known as ‘toy paint regulation safe’. This means they're completely safe for children’s rooms and furniture

7. Compatible with walls, ceilings and primed wood

8. Drying time is 1 hour and you can re coat within 4-6 hours

9. All of our paint samples are 100% recyclable. We paint them onto leftover wallpaper ends, which means zero wastage and eco friendly

10. All of our shades are inspired by nature and the world around us

Oasis and mallard

11. We keep our paint packaging very minimal to remain as eco friendly as possible

12. Heres where to shop it >> Paint by Woodchip & Magnolia

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