5 Easy Ways to Zone Your Home

If you have a large room with multiple uses, it can be hard sometimes to know how to zone each space. For example, zoning off a dining area from a living area or an office space from a bedroom. Here are 5 ideas to help zone your home through decorating...

va va from blush eau de nil
Image features Va Va Frome Sunset velvet by @em.gurner and @anna.yanovski

1. Paint an area
Paint is a super quick and effective way of marking out a specific area. Paint 3 walls, a feature wall or even a corner to zone an area off. Paint and colour can also change the feel of a space, for example a kitchen with white walls can feel like the 'task' space, whilst painting a wall in the dining space a warmer shade can create a welcoming feel. A living room can feel cosy with a warm or dark colour and a playroom can feel full of fun with a light, bright shade.

Ava marika electric wallpaper
Image features Ava Marika Electric wallpaper by @em.gurner and @anna.yanovski

2. Use different types of flooring
If you have a kitchen diner with a hardwood floor for example, try placing a large rug beneath the dining table and chairs to subtly mark that as the dining space. 

oasis mural
Image features Oasis Mural by @swoonworthyblog

3. Light up each space differently
The general rule of thumb when it comes to interior design is that every room should have at least 3 types of lighting; task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting, giving you the option of zoning each space with various types of light. For example a living area would need accent and ambient lighting, whilst an office nook might need task lighting. 

wisteria botanical green wallpaper
Image features Wisteria Botanical Green wallpaper 

4. Use physical objects
Curtains, furniture, room dividers and shelving are all great examples of furnishings which can corner off a part of your room. Curtains can be fitted to the ceiling and drawn when an area needs to be closed off and opened again when you want the space to feel whole again, or a bar cart in a space indicates that that is the spot for entertaining. 

ava marika moody wallpaper
Image feature Ava Marika Moody wallpaper by @lisaweaverhome

5. Wallpaper a wall
Wallpapering a wall is especially effective in a dining space, creating a warm and welcoming feel and zoning the area off from a kitchen or living space.


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