5 Tips To Help You Choose Your Dream Scheme


Image by @truffleinteriors

1. Determine the mood

Decide on the feel you'd like for your space; cosy? Spacious? Bright and airy? Choose your scheme based on this. For example blues for a bedroom will be relaxing, whereas busy prints are great for rooms you spend less time in such as a hallway or cloakroom


Image @em.gurner and @anna.yanovski

2. From wallpaper to woodwork

Consider all of the elements in your room; walls, ceilings, woodwork and soft furnishings. Make sure each element complements the other. Whether it's clashing colours or matching prints, they should all work well together in the space


Image @gemma_longworth_diy

3. Decide on paint colours

Once you've determined the mood of the space and considered each element, it's time to decide on a paint colour. If you're pairing with wallpaper then choose an accent colour to help pick out different shades in the design, or if opting for one allover shade, choose to suit the mood of the room


Image @gemma_longworth_diy

4. Think about scale

If you decide on wallpaper then consider the scale of the design. Large scale prints are perfect for big spaces, whereas small prints can be easier to live with and paired with other prints for a clashing effect


Image @em.gurner and @anna.yanovski

5. Choose your fabrics

Velvets are perfect for cosy and intimate settings and work great on sofas or for drapery. Linen on the other hand has a light and airy feel to it; excellent for headboards and blinds


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