6 Reasons to Love Our Wall Coverings

We might be biased but we LOVE our wallpaper, and here are 6 reasons why you should too...

1. We may be stating the obvious but they're beautiful. Always bold and never bland, our designs are more like works of art than just wall coverings

2. Our paper is FSC certified meaning it's sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests. By buying FSC certified paper, you are helping to protect nature and are contributing to a healthy environment for both humans and animals

3. All of our wall coverings are paste the wall, which means they're super easy to hang, are strippable and washable. Click here for our hanging instructions

4. They're highly durable so perfectly suitable for commercial environments as well as damp spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms

5. All of the electricity we use to run the equipment that creates our wall coverings is provided by 100% renewable energy sources

6. We're proud to say our wall coverings have all reached the highest EU fire rating

We told you they were good, didn't we? Click here to shop them all

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