7 bright ideas to inject colour into your home

Colour can be often be overwhelming, especially when it comes to interiors and it can be a challenge to know how to find the right balance between too much and just enough. To give you a nudge in the right direction, we've collated 7 of our brightest ideas to help you inject a pop of colour and fun into your home.

Lucia kreates
Image features 004 First Light

Paint it
The quickest and easiest way to flood a room with colour is with paint, of course! Whether you repaint an entire room, stick to one feature wall or update your woodwork with something cheery, it's amazing how paint can totally transform a space. The beauty of paint is that you can go for as little or as much as you want and it's pretty quick and easy to DIY. 

rivington yellow wallpaper
Image @letan1981 featuring Rivington Yellow wallpaper

Start small
If you're still unsure about painting a whole room in a colourful shade, why not start small? Paint a piece of furniture to add an accent colour to your room, update the woodwork and go for a complementing but contrasting shade to your walls or even wallpaper one wall in a small space for an instant lift.

ava marika blush rouge
Image @maxs_manor featuring Ava Marika Electric linen

Add soft furnishings
Changing up your soft furnishings with something bright and colourful can change the feel of a whole room. Update sofa cushion covers in the living room or swap your curtains in the bedroom for a fresh new pattern-tastic fabric.

avar bracken green wallpaper
Image features Avar Bracken Green wallpaper and 004 First Light paint

Wallpaper has transformative powers and can add warmth, depth and colour to a space. Be brave and opt for a wallpaper with a bold and colourful pattern and see your room instantly light up with colour.

nirvana wall mural
Image @loveallthingsquirky featuring Nirvana mural

Statement walls
If you want to paint or wallpaper but aren't sure about having colour and pattern the whole way around your room, try a statement wall. Statement walls provide a pop of colour without having to commit to the entire space, as well as creating a focal point helping ground a room. 

Image features Oasis Natural Mural

Installing a mural into your room is another way of adding a focal point or statement piece. Consider putting one on your ceiling to really bring the wow factor, or opt for a colourful mural to brighten the space without it feeling overwhelming. 

nidra green border
Image features Nidra Green border

Borders work really well in adding a hint of colour and texture to a space you might not usually consider a wall covering, such as a kitchen. Try installing a border above your worktop to add depth and colour to what can often be quite a clinical space.


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