A Q&A with Interior Designers Lathams

Family run business Lathams have been designing beautiful homes for over 50 years and describe their style as classic and contemporary.

Having used our Garden of Dreams Duck Egg mural in one of their most recent projects, we got to know the designers behind the designs a bit better, to ask all about their inspirations and motivations. 

garden of dreams duck egg mural

What was the brief for the Ladies Lounge?
The brief for this project was turning an unused room into a dual purpose space, acting as a playroom for the clients grandchild and feminine private lounge to entertain friends. Storage was a key requirement enabling the toys to be stored out of sight when entertaining but still easily accessible. 

What was your inspiration behind the design?
The windows in this room speak for themselves - they frame views of the idyllic countryside and capture the spectacular light, so this was the main inspiration for the overall scheme. We wanted to connect the indoors with the tranquil outdoors so this was considered when choosing the colour scheme. 
How did you choose our Garden of Dreams mural?
Having worked with the Zephyr mural for another project (Project Juniper) we knew Woodchip & Magnolia were our first go-to. We wanted a paper that was not only reflective of the outdoor surroundings but also fun and slightly whimsical - the Gardens of Dreams in Duck Egg mural complimented our vision for the space perfectly. The ceiling height of this space is also compromised compared to the rest of the house, so the delicate design of the green ground flowing up into the open bloomed trees elevates the space and creates the illusion of higher ceilings.
garden of dreams duck egg mural

What sort of look did you want to achieve?
Feminine and fun!

How do you choose a palette when it comes to your interior designs?
A palette of a project depends on a handful of considerations; the clients style/the clients requests/how brave the client is willing to be/how light effects the space etc.

How would you describe your interior design style?
A classic and contemporary mix, carefully combining colour, texture and pattern.

garden of dreams duck egg mural

What are your main inspirations when it comes to designing interiors?
Our inspiration varies; from the surroundings, style or history of a property to fabrics and textile design.

What interior design rules do you tend to stick to?

We always consider the skirting as part of the scheme as well as treating the ceiling as a fifth wall. Practicality for the client is also key as well as pushing them beyond their comfort zone with our designs.

What interior design rules are you happy to break?
If it works for the project - all of them!
What’s your next project?
We currently have several projects being worked on currently across London, France and Spain.

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