A Real Room Makeover: Avar Bracken in the Dressing Room

Dressing rooms are the perfect spaces to express personality through interior design, which is why we were delighted when content creator and blogger Clare from The Life Lately agreed to us giving her dressing room a Woodchip & Magnolia makeover.

Armed with our decorating expert Lucia Kreate, 4 rolls of Avar Bracken Green wallpaper and a tin of 004 First Light paint, we sprinkled Clare's dressing room with the Woodchip & Magnolia magic it deserved and took it from bland to bold and beautiful.

the before
Clare's dressing room 'before'

Firstly all the walls were prepped, ready for the paint and paper to go on. Any existing lumps and bumps were sanded down to create a smooth surface and walls were wiped down to make sure any lingering dust was removed.

Lucia painting using 004 First Light

Next, Lucia used a good quality brush to paint the edges and around any obstacles; in this case shelving, a fireplace and ceiling beams, and then used a roller for the walls.

the during
Clare's dressing room 'during'

Once the walls were painted, it was time to wallpaper. Clare chose the fireplace wall for our Avar Bracken wallpaper, creating a feature and focal point in the room. Starting on the sloped part of the wall, Lucia cut each length before using the paste the wall method, which all of our wallpapers are designed for.

Holding the wallpaper in place with Tesa yellow tape is a top decorating tip from Lucia to make sure the wallpaper stays in place and doesn't slide whilst the paste dries.

Avar Bracken wallpapet
The dressing room 'after'

Avar Bracken wallpaper
The dressing room 'after' 

"I'm over the moon with the finished result of my dressing room makeover. It makes the room feel so much more luxurious and cosy. It's a space I look forward to getting ready in every day. The wallpaper is my favourite part, hands down!"

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