A Touch of Green For St Patrick's Day

Green is a big deal in interior design at the moment and we’re seeing more and more gorgeous green-themed rooms pop up. In celebration of St Patrick's Day and our long-term fondness of this verdant hue, we’ve rounded up our favourite green rooms featuring Woodchip & Magnolia, but be warned they might just leave you feeling green with envy…


Image @stageinteriors

Green and pink are one of our favourite colour combinations to use in a room. These two shades are so complementary as they sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, meaning they enhance each other and are easy on the eye. We love the use of our Rivington Lush Green wallpaper behind the bed here, paired with a bright and contrasting pop of pink on the bedside table. The clash of prints also works so well in bringing the scheme together; making the space look much-loved and lived in. 


Image @campbellcadey

We love a green jungle theme and think it would be the perfect decor idea for a child's room. The mix of antique furniture, touches of natural materials and our Tropical Paradise Mural all add to the interest and character in this room.


Image @theinterioreditor

Another beautiful pink and green combination in the bedroom of @theinterioreditor. For a similar look, pair our 010 Moss paint colour with our Crane Bird Rose Pink/Cream wallpaper and tie it all together with touches of complementing pink and green hues throughout the soft furnishings.


Image @zigandcompany

This statement-making entrance hall by @zigandcompany has used our Rivington Lush Green wallpaper to great effect; creating both an impressive and welcoming hallway for their guests when they enter. It embraces the Chinoiserie and Oriental trend beautifully too, and we love how it frames the entrance to the living room.


Image @thisenglishhome

@thisenglishhome has done a beautiful job of bringing the outdoors in with the touches of green in her bedroom. We love a subtle nod to a trend and our Nidra Moss Mural on the wall, paired with the faux plants scattered around the room really brings a peaceful calm to the space; giving the feeling of being at one with nature. 

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