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Faux surface wallpapers are perfect for recreating the industrial look for a fraction of the time and cost it takes to install the real deal, and our collection of faux surface wallpapers are so realistic, we’re often told you can’t tell the difference between the real deal and the faux sure’s. 

Much of our inspiration for our faux surface wallpapers has been taken from the streets of towns and cities we know and love. Many of our brick designs are replicas of old brick walls in Manchester City centre; the heart of the industrial revolution back in the 18th-Century, and our tin tiles are inspired by the streets of New York where our founder Paul spent many years living. 

So how do you get the look? Here are a few of our favourite ideas taken from some of our customers real homes…


Image by @fionadukeinteriors

If you're set on a neutral colour scheme but still want to add some character to your walls, Tin Tile White is a great way to do this, as shown here in this dining room designed by @fionadukeinteriors. The extra texture instantly lifts the space, adding depth and interest to an otherwise quite white colour palette. 

Faux brick wallpaper

Image by @irishpropertybuyers

The kitchen is a great place to start when it comes to brick wallpaper. Dark kitchens in particular lend themselves perfectly to the industrial vibe. Complement the brick by adding different materials such as wood and metal to your space, and watch the industrial look come together nicely.

Image by @melaniejadedesign

Another great way to use faux brick wallpaper in the kitchen is on the island, like Melanie at @melaniejadedesign has done here with our Real Red Brick wallpaper. Give your kitchen a quick and easy revamp and add more texture to the space by simply wallpapering the back of the island. 

Image by @stuartandrosebladeinteriors

We're getting very opulent vibes from this cinema room, which has used our Gramercy Tobacco wallpaper on the ceiling. The ceiling is sometimes known as the 5th wall, but is often overlooked as an opportunity to decorate. Add character to your space and make it unique by adding a faux surface wallpaper to your 5th wall.

 Real Red Brick

If you've ever had the task of decorating a teenage boys room, you'll know it's not an easy one. Our Real Red Brick wallpaper however is the perfect blend of stylish and masculine, injecting the room with personality whilst also keeping the decor modern and on trend. 


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