Be Inspired by These 4 Children's Bedrooms

Decorating your child's bedroom provides them with their own sanctuary away from the world and is an opportunity for them to express their little personalities. However, if they're old enough to voice their opinions, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right balance between what they want (superhero bedding, anyone?) and what you like. 

Whether desert oasis or floral fantasy land is more their thing, we've got 4 children's bedrooms guaranteed to inspire your own little ones space to achieve that balance.

cacti wallpaper

cacti wallpaper
Image by @hall_farm_cottage

Desert Oasis
Create a desert oasis with a feature wall made using cacti inspired wallpaper such as Cacti Dandelion as seen in this bedroom. Complement the paper with a green paint colour like 009 Bracken on the woodwork and accessorise the space with cacti inspired storage solutions and toys in natural textures like wicker and rattan. 

wisteria lemon yellow wallpaper

Image by @katieweavinginteriors

Wisteria Wonderland
Future-proof a child's bedroom by opting for a classic and timeless colour scheme where furniture and accessories can be swapped out over time to update the space and take your child from baby to toddler and even teenager. A classic pattern in a light and refreshing palette will bring a whimsical feel to the space, for example Wisteria Lemon Yellow wallpaper as seen in this child's bedroom. Add pops of colour through soft furnishings and have a go at painting furniture in a complementing but contrasting colour like 009 Bracken

childs room
Image by @homeofmcqueen

Nature vs Neutral
If minimal style and a neutral palette is more your thing, opt for a faux surface wallpaper such as Concrete Wood wallpaper to add depth and interest. Paint the ceiling in a complementing neutral shade like 001 Cotton and inject fun and pops of colour through animal themed soft toys, bedding and furniture. 

zephyr mural

zephyr mural
Image by

A Tranquil Nursery
It's not all about how a space looks, but how it feels too. If you consider how much babies sleep when they're newborn (between 14-17 hours a day!), you may want to create a tranquil space for both you and your baby to relax in. A wrap-around mural like our Zephyr mural brings an enchanting and peaceful feel to a room with its nature inspired motifs and landscape scenery. Add soft touches of colour with pastel coloured curtains and furniture and paint the ceiling and woodwork in a light complementing shade like 002 Magnolia.

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