Pavilion Gardens collection: Arcadia

Following the launch of our most recent collection Pavilion Gardens, we're taking a closer look at the inspiration and meaning behind each design to further explore the wonderful Pavilion Gardens...


Today we're shining the light on the beautifully botanical Arcadia; a design born from the idea of peace and contentment. 

A pattern of exotic blooms and trailing vines, it's a piece inspired by Chinoiserie and oriental design, which has been given a modern and inspired twist with a selection of bright and beautiful background shades including Blush, Mint, Sherbet, Mallard, Moss, Daffodil and Magnolia.

Each of our colourways are available as a wallpaper, velvet or linen.

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 arcadia blush

Arcadia Blush
Our blush colourway is a very versatile shade of pink, perfect for almost any space. It brings a wonderful warmth to a room and the pink toned florals add a monochromatic touch, bringing pattern and interest to a space without overwhelming it. It works beautifully with our paint colours 003 Pink Cloud, 004 First Light, 001 Cotton and 010 Moss.

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arcadia mint

Arcadia Mint
The mint colourway is a fresh and exciting shade of mint green. It's a vibrant design for the pattern and colour lovers who aren't afraid to go bold with their decor. Pair it with 001 Cotton, 010 Moss, 003 Pink Cloud or 012 Reservoir for a perfectly complementing scheme.

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arcadia sherbet

Arcadia Sherbet
A fun and fancy colourway featuring a neutral background with bright pops of colour in the botanical print. An excellent choice for those who want to add a bit of colour and pattern to their space, but maintain a calm and neutral base. Complementing paint shades include 003 Pink Cloud, 011 Mallard, 001 Cotton and 008 Turton.

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arcadia mallard

Arcadia Mallard
The background of our Arcadia Mallard colourway is taken from our 011 Mallard paint colour. It's a beautifully calmiing and serene shade of blue; great for bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.Pair with 011 Mallard for a monochromatic scheme, or contrast with our other complementing shades 012 Reservoir, 002 Magnolia or 006 Peat.

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arcadia moss

Arcadia Moss
Another colourway inspired by our paint pallet, Arcadia Moss is a bright and cheerful green with yellow undertones, designed to bring the outdoors in. Pair with 010 Moss, 002 Magnolia or 014 Moorland for a dream scheme.

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arcadia daffodil

Arcadia Daffodil
Inspired by the bright and cheerful nature of Daffodils in spring, we love Arcadia Daffodil in bathrooms to bring a bit of sunshine into the space. Complementing paint colours include 001 Cotton, 010 Moss and 006 Peat.

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arcadia magnolia

Arcadia Magnolia
The most muted of all the Arcadia colourways, Arcadia Magnolia is a great way to add colour and pattern without going overboard.Bring a period property to life with an Arcadia Magnolia makeover and pair with our paint colour 002 Magnolia for a perfectly serene dream scheme, or 003 Pink cloud, 008 Turton or 011 Mallard for a contrast.

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