Can I wallpaper my bathroom?

The answer is YES! It's a brilliant way to breathe life and personality into an oftentimes clinical space, and due to improved ventilation systems, gone are the days of peeling, soggy wallpaper. Instead bathrooms, cloakrooms, powder rooms (whatever you want to call them) are the rooms you can pack with the biggest punch. You can go as wild as you'd like; give a small space a big personality, or inject some fun into a period style bathroom.

So how do I do it?
Prep is key to putting wallpaper up and making it last. We'd recommend first sanding any lumps and bumps down to create a smooth surface for the wallpaper to stick to, then with a damp cloth, wipe your walls at least 24 hours before applying the wallpaper.If you have fresh plaster, make sure you seal the walls first with a diluted solution of paste. Apply to the walls and then let it dry.

All of our wallpapers are 'paste the wall', meaning you paste the wall and not the paper. Our advice would be to use a premium premixed tub of 'Paste The Wall' paste widely available online or at your local DIY store. Nina likes to use Solvite Paste the Wall paste as it rolls on pink and dries clear.

Which wall covering to choose?
Go for your favourite! A wall mural like our Oasis Mural in Pastel would bring a sense of calm to your space, transporting you to the rainforest whilst relaxing in the bathtub. Our Crane Bird Japanese in Blue paired with a complementing paint colour like 011 Mallard on the woodwork would make a real impact in a period property, or for a more contemporary vibe, try the Lepidoptera wallpaper in Willow Green.


Where can it go?
We wouldn't recommend using wallpaper as a splashback or anywhere that gets splashed often (a tile or moisture resistant panelling would work better here). Popular spots for wallpaper in bathrooms are above panelling or a feature wall opposite the bath. As long as you've got a half decent extractor fan though, it can work anywhere.


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