Colour stories: 011 Mallard

011 Mallard

About 011 Mallard
Our 011 Mallard paint colour is a warm and timeless blue shade with heavy undertones of green. Evoking calm and serenity, it's inspired by and a tribute to the Wayoh duck family found in the Wayoh Reservoir near to the home of Woodchip & Magnolia in Edgworth, Lancashire.

mallard blue wallpaper

Complementing designs
A few of our wallpaper, fabric, border and mural designs, including Arcadia Mallard and Harmony use Mallard as the main shade throughout the design, and work in perfect harmony alongside the paint colour.

How to use 011 Mallard
As mentioned above, Mallard works perfectly with our Mallard blue designs but it also works equally as well with contrasting colours. Complementary contrasting tones include pinks and neutrals, therefore patterns in these tones and with hints of blue throughout, such as Arcadia Magnolia and Crane Bird Japanese Blue also work well. 


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