How Decorating with Earthy Tones Needn't Be Boring

Neutral colours are often associated with being 'boring', but it doesn't need to be this way. Earthy tones are natures neutrals and are soft, versatile colours that bring a richness and depth to a space. We love a patterned wallpaper in an earthy palette as it brings warmth to a room whilst still being interesting, and a paint palette of rich taupes, chalky pinks and even organic mustard yellows just go to show that earthy tones aren't only uninspiring browns and beiges.

We've put together our top 10 beautifully earthy toned wallpapers and paint colours to inspire a homely, natural and interesting feel in your home.

004 first light
Image features 004 First Light

004 First Light
First Light is a rich and warming shade of pink, reminiscent of the red sky at night. It brings a huge amount of warmth to a space and even verges on the side of romantic, with a gorgeously rustic edge to it.

Avar Hare
Image features Avar Hare wallpaper

Avar Hare
Inspired by fallen dried leaves on the ground, Avar Hare brings the beauty of nature into your home. Evocative of a crisp Autumnal morning, it's a special design which pairs beautifully with other earthy tones such as soft pinks and burnt orange. 

009 bracken
Image features 009 Bracken

009 Bracken
Bracken is a yellow green, inspired by the huge un-curling green fern on our doorstep, with an amazing faint herringbone-pattern on their leaves. The yellow undertones of Bracken mean it's a very warming shade of green; perfect for creating an inviting and homely environment.

mirk peat brown
Image features Mirk Peat Brown wallpaper

Mirk Peat Brown
The meaning of Mirk is partially or totally dark, and whilst this can sometimes be construed as gloomy, this wallpaper design is anything but. Inspired by our founder Nina's daily walks around the Wayoh reservoir close to her home in Edgworth, Lancashire, it's a Damask style botanical pattern featuring trees and leaves, and is great for adding drama to a space.

twiggy brown and blush
Image features Twiggy Brown & Blush wallpaper

Twiggy Brown & Blush
Taken from Fearne Cotton's Hope & Bloom Collection, Twiggy is a delicate and minimalist design. It's intricate hand-painted trees and leaves were inspired by the colours found in nature and the calming warmth of Fearne's favourite time of year: spring. Twiggy is a subtle and sophisticated take on bringing the outdoors in and is a beautiful way of adding earthy tones to your home.

005 hare
Image features 005 Hare

005 Hare
Brown Hare is more bold than taupe because of its earthy depth and richness. It brings out feminine colours so pairs perfectly with pinks like our 003 Pink Cloud for a homely and inviting feel.


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