Decorex 2023: The Year of Nirvana

We had a ball exhibiting at this years Decorex. Our stand was dedicated to all things bold and beautiful; wrapped in our beautiful bespoke Nirvana mural and decorated with 3D butterflies and a moodboard showcasing samples of our latest wallcoverings, fabrics and paint colours - it was a feast for the eyes!

One of our main goals this year was to present our stand in the most eco friendly way possible and we did a lot of thinking into how we could achieve this. In the end we opted for a simple design guaranteed to keep our wastage to a bare minimum. We transported everything we needed via the team on public transport and therefore used no gas guzzling lorries to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. 

We enjoyed every single moment talking to our peers, friends and customers and the feedback we've had has been incredible. Having taking it all on board and met the most wonderful people, we'll be heading into 2024 more knowledgable, strong and creative than ever.

See you next year Decorex! 

Nina on the stand



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