Faux Real?

deansgate brick wallpaper
Image features Deansgate Brick wallpaper by @jimlawrencemade

No, your eyes are not deceiving you; it just so happens that our faux brick wallpapers are so realistic looking that you might mistake them for the real deal. From rustic brown shades to more modern neutral hues, there's a brick wallpaper for every room to help bring warmth, texture and depth to your space. 

We recently collaborated with lighting and home furnishings brand Jim Lawrence in showcasing their new Universal Conduit system and our faux brick wallpapers. 

Using their beautiful brass conduit system against our Deansgate wallpaper, Jim Lawrence proved just how brass fixtures and fittings against a brick backdrop can create a classic, tasteful and warming feel in the home. 

Would you recreate this look in your home?

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