5 Favourite Summer Florals

Summer's so close we can almost taste it, which has got us thinking about our favourite seasonal florals and how to work them into our homes. Here are 6 of our favourite summer blooms featured within our wallpapers, fabrics and home accessories to add a touch of sunshine to your interiors.

Nirvana mural

1. Hollyhocks
As seen in our beautifully colourful Nirvana mural, Hollyhocks bloom from early summer to autumn and come in a variety of jewel colours. We love how they can command a space with their tall spires and can bring a homely and nostalgic country cottage feel to any room. 

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maytime wallpaper

2. Wildflowers
The variety of hues wildflowers bring is why we love them so much. Coming in all shapes, sizes and variety of flowers including cornflowers, bluebells and daisies, they have a wild and free feel to them; bringing a touch of whimsy and romanticism to an interior. 

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ditsy floral

3. Roses
Roses are an English classic that will never go out of style. Timeless and classy, there's no shortage of colour options when it comes to this timeless bloom. Instantly recognisable, they bring a distinct sense of romance to a space, creating a classic and homely feel. 

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hestia wallpaper

4. Iris
A free-spirited and timeless floral, the Iris lends a naturalist yet decadent and eclectic vibe to home interiors. Our Hestia design intertwines Iris with wisteria and primrose and is inspired by a slower pace of life and daily rituals around the home; a beautiful addition to any space.

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va va frome blush eau de nil cushion

5. Palm leaves
Although not strictly a flower, palm leaves are synonymous with sunshine, summer and good times and bring the ultimate hedonistic and positive feel to a space. Add a touch of summer all year round to your living room with the perfect finishing touch; our Va Va Frome Blush Eau de Nil cushion featuring palm leaves against a soft blue pastel backdrop.

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