Fearne Cotton x Woodchip & Magnolia

Fearne Cotton x Woodchip & Magnolia


How would you describe the collection in three words?

“Hopeful, vibrant and joyful”

What inspired you to collaborate with Woodchip & Magnolia?

“I adore wallpaper and design and have bought wallpaper from Woodchip and Magnolia in the past. After discovering their website and Instagram I became obsessed with their prints and way of working. I love that they print to order so there is no waste too.” 

Fearne Cotton x Woodchip & Magnolia

Hope and Bloom Navy Wallpaper by Fearne Cotton 

What are your design inspirations?

I love florals as they're so elegant. Colour is also important to me as I want to feel uplifted in the home. Spring always feels like a hopeful time, so looking at my favourite types of flowers helped me work out which designs to go with. There is also a design I hand sketched which is the ‘Find Your Flow’ wallpaper which is inspired by my love of movement. 

Fearne Cotton x Woodchip & Magnolia

Move and Flow Cream by Fearne Cotton 

Which part of designing did you enjoy the most, and why?

“I loved looking at what colour variants worked with each print. A design can look completely different by changing the base colour or the pigment of say a flower. This then allows the homeowner to set the right mood for them in their home. Whether it’s dark and moody colours to create comfort or light and colourful to create space.” 

Fearne Cotton x Woodchip & Magnolia

Hope and Bloom Dusky Pink Wallpaper By Fearne Cotton 

How long did the collection take to develop?

“We've been working on this for quite some time with conversations initially taking place around a year ago. The pandemic and home schooling two kids made the whole thing take a lot longer but I'm still so happy with the final collection”  

Which design are you most proud of?

“The ‘Find Your Flow’ as I haven't seen anything like it out there before.” 

Fearne Cotton x Woodchip & Magnolia

Move and Flow Blush Wallpaper by Fearne Cotton

How will you be using the collection in your own home?

“I want to do all the hallways from the top to bottom of the house in one of the florals. Maybe ‘Hope & Bloom’. I haven't decided on which colourway yet. Maybe the pink or green but my husband is vying for yellow!” 

Fearne Cotton x Woodchip & Magnolia

Hope and Bloom Sunny Yellow Wallpaper by Fearne Cotton 

How do you think customers can use the collection in their home?

“In any way that works for them. Wallpaper your ceiling, or just one wall for a feature, or wallpaper every room in the house with a different print. I’m never too bothered about things matching. GO for it and be bold with print!”  

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