How to Choose Colour

Choosing a colour palette for a room can be exciting, but also overwhelming. With so many beautiful colours and patterns out there, it can be tough to decide on just one scheme. So where to start?

Gather inspiration
One of our favourite ways to determine what sort of style and which colours you like the most is to start collating images you love. Whether it’s creating a Pinterest board, an Instagram ‘saved’ folder or doing it the old fashioned way by cutting images from magazines, once you start collating imagery, you’ll start to see patterns emerging. It could be that you’re drawn to a certain colour, for example yellow, or to a hue like pastels or brights. You may also see what style you’re most drawn to, whether it be vintage, modern, scandi or electric, it’s a really helpful way to determine what you’re most drawn to when it comes to decor.

Consider your space
Once you’ve determined roughly what colours and styles you like, it’s time to consider the space you’re decorating. First of all figure out which direction your room faces. If its south you’ll be able to get away with most colours due to the warm natural lighting it will receive but if it’s north, choosing a colour could be tricker because of the cool and little natural lighting it will receive. Our guides on which colours to choose depending on which way your room faces will be helpful in this instance; Decor ideas for a north facing room; Decor ideas for a south facing room; Decor ideas for an east or west facing room.

The second factor to consider in terms of your space is how big it is. Large rooms can take most colours and patterns however smaller rooms, particularly those with no windows, may struggle with a very dark hue. We do however love to go super bold in a room such as a cloakroom as it’s somewhere little time is spent so you can afford to go big with your ideas. 

If you’re sold on a colour palette but aren’t sure it will work in the size of room you’re looking to decorate, we have a few clever ideas here to help change the perception of your space.

Do what you love
What choosing colours mostly comes down to however, is what you LOVE. After all, it’s your home and it should be a true reflection of your personality and bring you joy every day you’re living in it. 

If you love a certain colour, go for it! What’s the worst that could happen?
Here are a few of our favourite bold and beautiful customers real homes…

Land of Milk & Honey butterflies
Image features Land of Milk & Honey Butterflies mural by @victoriaembletondesign

Nirvana mural
Image features Nirvana mural by @loveallthingsquirky

Parrot Talk wallpaper
Image features Parrot Talk Lush Green/White by @east.interiors

Avar Bracken Green wallpaper
Image features Avar Bracken Green wallpaper by @thelifelately

Maurice Navy/Coral
Image features Maurice Navy/Coral wallpaper by @holly_homestyle

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