7 tips for creating a gorgeous (not gloomy) dark and moody interior

Are you a fan of the dark side but aren't sure how to decorate without leaving your room feeling gloomy rather than gorgeous? It can be tricky to find the right balance between dark and moody and just plain dark, but with our top tips you can transform your space into the deliciously inviting vision you had in mind.

ava marika moody
Image @alexander_grace_interiors featuring Ava Marika Moody wallpaper

Think about lighting carefully
Lighting is as transformative as colour and is key to preventing a gloomy interior. If wiring allows, opt for a ceiling light, wall lights and lamps to create a balanced and cocooning ambience around the whole room. Wall lights will shine a light on your beautiful dark and moody walls and table lamps will light up the darkest of corners to create a little feature all of their own. We also love a picture light to draw attention to any beautiful artwork and a floor lamp will give off a lovely healthy glow. 

dutch floral 01
Image @studiodean_ featuring Dutch Floral 01 wallpaper

Use an earthy palette
Whether you prefer to paint or wallpaper, choose colours connected to nature for a softer, more inviting and cocooning feel. Our paint colours 012 Reservoir and 014 Moorland are perfect for adding dark drama without feeling gloomy, and wallpapers such as Ava Marika Moody and Dutch Floral 01 add a touch of nature with their floral prints.

bouquet mural
Image @thecourtrooms featuring Bouquet mural

Introduce natural textures
Introducing natural surfaces and textures, such as a wooden dining table in a dining room or oak bedside tables in the bedroom for example, will soften a dark interior look. They work particularly well against darker paint colours such as 012 Reservoir and 013 Coal, and even dark wallpapers like our Bouquet mural.

Consider a feature wall
If you have low ceilings, little natural light or just don't want to redecorate the entire room, consider creating a dark accent wall to give a nod to the style without going the whole hog. You'll find adding a dark and sophisticated colour or pattern to one wall will transform the feel of the whole space.

ava marika moody
Image @em.gurner featuring Ava Marika Moody wallpaper

Paint the woodwork dark
Painting the woodwork the same colour as the walls blurs the edges of a room, giving it the appearance of being more spacious and open. There's also nothing to distract the eye in terms of a contrasting colour, so the room is left feeling much more calm and and sophisticated.

busy bee charcoal
Image @houseofhorspool featuring Busy Bee Charcoal wallpaper

Wallpaper the ceiling
It might seem a bold choice but wallpapering the ceiling will really lift a room with dark walls. It creates a focal point almost like a work of art and draws the eye upwards.

nidra ink mural
Image @houseofhorspool featuring Nidra Ink mural

Use a wrap around mural
A dark nature inspired mural will bring your walls to life. Paint the ceiling dark for added drama and watch your room transform into a deliciously dark and gorgeous space cocooned by nature.

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