How to Decorate with Pink

Long gone are the days we only use pink for little girls rooms, and it needn't be thought of as a feminine colour only either. Pink can be a subtle neutral, a bright pop of colour or a soothing backdrop and there are so many shades to choose from these days that pink can work in pretty much any space.

It does however sometimes need an expert touch to get it right, so we've put a few ideas together on how you can work pink into your decor.

@loveallthingsquirkyImage @loveallthingsquirky featuring Nidra Moss mural

Paint the ceiling
Painting the ceiling pink will add warmth and interest to your space, without becoming the focal point in your room. A clever trick to draw the eye downwards and keep the room from feeling too top heavy is to use a mural on the wall too. 

@juliespaintinganddecor Image @juliespaintinganddecor featuring Wisteria Pink Bloom wallpaper

Toughen it up
To keep pink from feeling too feminine, toughen it up with a contrasting or dark accent shade for example on the woodwork or floor. Off-blacks and dark inky blues work beautifully with pink for a more masculine feel, or a contrasting bright like green is really complementing and injects some fun into the scheme.

@livingetcukImage @livingetcuk

Be bold
Commit to your colour palette and don't hold back by painting your woodwork and even ceiling the same colour pink as your walls. Doing this will make your room feel bigger as it creates the illusion of a larger room and higher ceilings, as well as bringing a calming feel to the space due to there being less colours in the room and therefore less busy to look at. 

@kandhdesignltdImage @kandhdesignltd

Use a mural
If you don't want to commit to all four walls painted pink, choose a wall mural with lots of pinky tones in it instead. Decorating with pink doesn't mean you need to approach your room with a colour block technique; sometimes just adding an overall 'vibe' is enough to benefit from the warmth and serenity of the colour. 

004 First LightImage Woodchip & Magnolia featuring 004 First Light

Opt for a rich shade
Pink doesn't always mean bright and garish. Instead choose a rich, chalky shade for instant warmth and sophistication; think earthy tones and shades of terracotta for a more natural and organic look. 

@fortloughviewImage @fortloughview featuring Ava Marika Moody wallpaper

Break it up with pattern.
Break up the pink by pairing a pink coloured wallpaper on the top half of your walls with a complementing shade of pink on the bottom half. This works brilliantly in a bathroom where depth and interest can be added on the bottom half with panelling. @gemma_longworth_diy featuring 003 Pink Cloud

Add colourful accents
Use bold and colourful accents for soft furnishings and furniture. We particularly love bright teals and deep reds against pink for a fun and modern feel. 

@novakparkesImage @novakparkes featuring The Garden of Dreams Magical Pink mural

Make a scene
Make pink the starring role in your rooms decor with a pink themed scenic mural complemented with an accent colour. The detailed design of the mural will add depth and by using a darker accent colour to complement it, keep it from feeling too feminine.

rivington pinkImage features Rivington Pink wallpaper

Pretty patterns
Pink works so well as a pattern and can range from cool and edgy, to soft and feminine; perfect to work into any space from your bedroom to your kitchen (and we love it in a bathroom!).

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