In The Wild: Oasis Mural

The Oasis Mural is one of our most popular mural designs and for good reason. Inspired by the fading daylight of the rainforest and the calming pastel shades the setting sun creates, it's a dreamy and surreal treescape which brings its own magical calm to an interior.  

We love seeing our Oasis Mural out in the wild in our customers homes and if you're looking for inspiration of how to use it; whether it's a bedroom, living space or dressing room, we've put together a few of our favourite Oasis dream schemes. 

 Oaiss mural
Oasis Mural by @houselust 

Oasis mural natural
Oasis Mural Natural by @loveallthingsquirky

oasis mural
Oasis Mural by @lauralarkins

oasis mural blush
Oasis Mural Blush by @april_hamilton_designs

oasis natural mural
Oasis Natural by @around.robyn

oasis mural pastel
Oasis Mural Pastel by @doing_up_coburg

oasis mural
Oasis Mural by @kandhdesignltd

oasis mural
Oasis Mural by @irastorza_interiors

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