In Your Words: Our Client Testimonials

You don't need to take our word for it when it comes to how great our wallpapers, paints and fabrics are, our Trade VIP's say everything we want to for us. Here are a few of our favourite Trade VIP client testimonials from the past year.

land of milk and honeyImage features Land of Milk & Honey Grey Mural. Designed by Pia Pelkonen

"We chose to work with Woodchip & Magnolia because of their Eco Manifesto. We love that they use FSC certified paper, low VOC inks and 100% renewable energy sources, so their values really aligned with our own”

- Pia Pelkonen, Interior Designer

lush green pinkImage features Lush Green/Pink wallpaper and Lush Green/Pink linen fabric. Designed by Barker Design

"The quality is excellent and so is the customer service. There’s such a wide selection and the colourways are pitched perfectly right" 

- Barker Design, Interior Designers

garden of dreams tealImage features Garden of Dreams Teal Mural. Styling Sarita Sharma for Hypnos Beds. Photography Dominic Blackmore

"I recently did a shoot for Hypnos beds in an amazing manor house and wanted to use a combination of wallpaper and paint. The great thing about W&M are that the paint colours compliment the wallpaper colours."

- Sarita Sharma, Interior Stylist

oasis blush muralImage features Oasis Blush mural. Design by April Hamilton Interiors

"The nature of the designs and the variety is fabulous."

- April Hamilton, Interior Designers

arcadia sherbet wallpaperImage features Arcadia Sherbet wallpaper. Designed by Anouska Lancaster. Photography Darren Chung 

"Woodchip & Magnolia are brave and fearless with your approach to design and don’t follow any rules – this is my mantra when it comes to design too. I love the fact that you work with us to create a design that is bespoke for the space being designed; tweaking dimensions and scales to work perfectly in the scheme."

- Anouska Lancaster, Interior Designer & Presenter



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