Inside Our Cushions: Wool Explained

Wool inserts

All of our cushion inserts are sourced from fellow northern family business H. Dawson and are made from 100% traceable British wool from The Woolkeepers® certified farms. Not only are we supporting our local farmers but there are also many environmental and health benefits when it comes to choosing wool as the material for a cushion insert over any other. Here we answer a few frequently asked questions when it comes to wool...

What is wool?
Wool is a fibrous protein made up of amino acids, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur. It grows on sheep meaning it's 100% natural renewable as the sheep can be sheared annually, providing a sustainable and renewable annual supply. 


Why is wool so special?
Apart from the fact it's 100% natural renewable and a sustainable product, wool is also biodegradable meaning it won't add to landfill when it reaches the end of its lifespan as a useful product.

It's breathable, soft and thermoregulatory meaning it maximises comfort.

It's odour resistant and has anti-bacterial properties as it's able to absorb odour molecules and its thin waxy coating on the fibres that contain fatty acids inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. 

It's flame resistant and has to reach heights of 570-600c before it will ignite. Nor does it drip, melt or release harmful fumes. 

Why do we use wool?
Aside from the above, we use wool for our cushion inserts as it's known for its greater physical durability as well as factors such as its breathability, odour-inhibiting properties and moisture management. 

Is wool biodegradable?
Yes it is!

What is the Woolkeepers®?
The Woolkeepers® is an initiative committed to transforming the wool industry, creating sustainable and regenerative routes to market that benefits farmers, animals, consumers and land in equal measure.

What is traceability?
Each time wool is processed, a unique blend is created, identifiable by fibre traits and farm location. The wool is sourced only from Woolkeepers® farms. To keep things simple, this a group is given a number. This number helps tell exactly who has helped grow the wool.

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