Introducing: Canopy

Bring the magic of the rainforest to your walls with our new tropical inspired design. A rich canopy of lush palms, emergent tree climbers and super abundant forest ferns will transport your home to another world and make your walls dance under the twinkling lights of the rainforest.

Available in 3 dreamy colourways; Blush, Moss Yellow and Navy Green

canopy navy green

Canopy Navy/Green

A lush backdrop of inky blue with an intricate palms, leaves and trees design in pops of turquoise.

Complementing paint colours: 012 Reservoir, 010 Moss and 011 Mallard

canopy green yellow

Canopy Yellow/Green
An exotic mix of lush greens and vivid yellow make this a punchy wallpaper with nature at its centre.

Complementing paint colours: 001 Cotton, 002 Magnolia and 010 Moss

canopy blush pink

Canopy Blush Pink
A layered design with soft blush pinks paired with rich burgundy pink. 

Complementing paint colours: 003 Pink Cloud, 004 First Light and 005 Hare

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