Introducing: Onism

Introducing Onism; a Chinoiserie and Oriental style wallpaper featuring exotic birds whispering between the trees and leaves in this make believe land of butterflies roaming and flowers blooming wild.

Onism is an homage to the feeling of its meaning; frustration of being stuck in one body that inhibits only one place at a time.

We designed this piece to allow your mind to feel the opposite; an escapism every time you immerse yourself in its beauty.

Available as a wallpaper, velvet and linen fabric, it also comes available in six different and visually stunning colourways to help bring any space to life.

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ONISM MAGICAL PINK WALLPAPEROnism Dusty Pink. Complementing paint colours; 002 Magnolia; 003 Pink Cloud; 004 First Light.

Onism Spring green wallpaper

Onism Spring Green wallpaper. Complementing paint colours; 010 Moss; 003 Pink Cloud; 002 Magnolia. 

Onism old gold wallpaper

Onism Old Gold wallpaper. Complementing paint colours; 002 Magnolia; 007 Drizzle; 004 First Light. onism winter blue wallpaper

Onism emerald wallpaper
Onism Emerald wallpaper. Complementing paint colours; 002 Magnolia; 015 Gorse; 010 Moss.
Onism pearl wallpaper

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