Introducing: Quarlton Mural

Quarlton mural

Quarlton is a word derived from Old English and means ‘the mill hill’. As an old township close to our home in Darwen, it dates all the way back to 1301 and inspires this painterly piece depicting the moorland and pasture Quarlton would have been mostly made up of before it was incorporated into the village of Edgworth in the 19th century. The scenery is tied closely to the rugged landscape of the West Pennine Moors, the slopes of which Quarlton resided, and the forest green tones and moody grey skies bring a sense of tranquility and being at one with nature; a snapshot of natural history that transcends time and space.

Available in a beautiful Forest Green colourway, Quarlton will create a focal point in your space, providing a masterpiece for your walls. 

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