Real Rooms: Crane Birds in Nicky's bathroom

We asked Nicky from @imrich_lodge what inspired her choice of Crane Bird Buttercup Yellow/Cream Wallpaper in her bathroom, and found out what's next for her gorgeous log home built by her husband...

crane birds wallpaper

How would you describe your interior design style?
I'd say my style is relaxed rustic with pops of colour for interest (a bit of of a mouthful..!)

What first attracted you to Woodchip & Magnolia?
I wanted a statement wallpaper that was going to add colour, vibrancy and go well with our log beams. I also wanted a quality paper that was going to go up easily and look good.

What inspired you to use Crane Bird in your bathroom? 
I fell in love with the Crane Bird wallpaper. I was looking for an elaborate whimsical design for a bit of fun in the bathroom - it's gorgeous. My husband was sold on it the moment he saw it as he likes the Japanese influence.

Did you find the wallpaper first and design the room around it, or did you work the wallpaper into your existing decor?
This room was a blank canvas. We had actually planned on hanging a large picture on the wall at the side of the bath but we both now feel we want to leave it unadorned and show off the wallpaper instead. The flowers on the outside of the bath I painted one Sunday morning when my husband was away seeing his Dad. I didn't expect him to be at all keen but he likes it, so for the time being it'll stay. 

crane birds wallpaper

How do you go about putting an interior design together for a room?
I choose the colour scheme first, then head to wallpaper possibilities (I often get stuck as there are so many beautiful designs!) and go from there. Living in a log home does have its challenges where decorating is concerned though. I was very keen to inject colour and pattern wherever possible as otherwise everything can just look too woody and masculine for me. Sticking to a print inspired by nature always works well, and I think the logs look so beautiful next to wallpaper. To add further interest and to soften the look, I like the addition of flowers and plants (fresh or faux).

What do you think no home should be without?
Flowers are my absolute weakness and in my opinion a home doesn't feel right without them! 

What's your favourite room in your house?
My favourite room in my house is my sitting room. It's where the family all gather at Christmas; we sit by the open fire, play board games and just enjoy being together. It's full of passed-down family treasures like paintings, antiques and old china. I'm very sentimental so all of these keepsakes bring me a lot of pleasure and are what makes a house a home in my eyes. 

crane birds wallpaper

What's your favourite flower?
I adore flowers! My favourites are probably Lily of the Valley and peonies. I can't decide which one takes the prize! I adore the heady fragrance of lily of the valley and the blowsiness of peonies! 

Do you have any upcoming projects?
The next project will be to update my daughters old room. I definitely want to put up a mural; one inspired by nature in soft green tones (my favourite colour). That's the idea anyway. I love pairing colours with those opposite on the colour wheel, so perhaps I'll add pink or coral touches too. 

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