Our Eco Manifesto

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Being as eco friendly and sustainable as possible is really important to us here at Woodchip & Magnolia, and is at the heart of everything we do. Read our Eco Manifesto to find out more...

Eco Manifesto

Inspired by nature
We put nature at the heart of our business. From our designs, to the way we work; we’re always striving to protect the world around us to the best of our abilities. Since childhood, our founder and designer Nina Marika Tarnowski has taken the flora, fauna and rich landscape of her native Lancashire as inspiration for her designs, and it’s this appreciation and understanding of nature that ensures our dedication to being as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can be. 

Eco Manifesto

Waste not, want not
Here at Woodchip & Magnolia, all of our wallpapers, murals, borders and fabrics are printed to order in-house at our Lancashire studio, meaning minimal wastage is generated. We also reuse any wastage that we do generate as the base for our paint samples. Anything extra on top of that is reused in other ways or recycled.

Protecting forests
All the paper we use is FSC-certified, which means that it’s been harvested in a responsible manner from well-managed and sustainable forests. Our minimal packaging is 100% recyclable and even our labels are made from recycled paper. 

Eco Manifesto
Human nature
Not only are we dedicated to protecting the environment and the animals that live in it, we’re also proud to manufacture products that are also kind to humans. All of our paints are water-based with low VOCs, so there are no harmful chemicals to breathe in. We also use water-based inks in all of our printing, allowing us to create hard-wearing products with intense depths of colour, whilst staying kind to the environment.

Eco Manifesto

Every little helps
We’re big on the little things and encourage a culture of car-sharing and working from home where we can to save on fuel emissions. We don’t use diesel-guzzling trucks to transport products from factory to studio either as we manufacture everything in-house to order and hold no stock. We even get our milk delivered locally by a milk lady in traditional glass bottles and drink Lancashire tea in the studio!

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    These are really important points, thank you. It makes you a go to place but now not just for your design.

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