Our Wallpaper Options Explained

We want everyone to be able to experience a bit of Woodchip & Magnolia magic and we pride ourselves on our ability to make our designs work perfectly for your space. Which is why we've made a few of our designs available in 3 different scales; standard, ditsy and mural.

To get to know each one a little bit better, we thought we'd chat through the difference between them...

ava marika moody wallpaper original

Our originals, for example Ava Marika Moody, are the designs that the other two scales are based on and are the original design.

Ditsy Ava Marika Moody

The Ditsy version of a design, for example Ditsy Ava Marika Moody, is a version of the original on a smaller scale with more pattern repeats. It's great for smaller spaces where you might not see the whole design if it wasn't printed on a smaller scale, or you might just prefer the smaller design; either way, we love it!

Ava Marika moody mural
A select few of our wallpaper designs are also available as a mural, for example Ava Marika Moody, Wisteria Cornflower and Wisteria Pink. It's a version of the design that we can customise to make bespoke to your rooms measurements. It's then scaled accordingly to those measurements. You can either use our 'customise and buy' tool on the mural product page, or email us at hello@woodchipandmagnolia.co.uk for trickier spaces.

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