Postcards from Cornwall: The Inspiration Behind the Collection

Introducing the Postcards from Cornwall collection 🌊

Inspired by our founders Nina & Paul’s family summer holidays escaping to their favourite place Mawgan Porth in Cornwall, our Postcards from Cornwall collection is an homage to the long hot summers (as well as storms and cloudy skies!) spent with their two children Ava and Oscar.

From surfing and body boarding to shell collecting and combing the beach for driftwood, this is a collection steeped in memories and nostalgia and designed to evoke the same feelings within the homes of our customers.

We spoke to our founder Nina; the Creative Director and designer behind the collection all about her inspirations and to dig a little deeper into the background of the designs...

Hi Nina! Please could you tell us a bit of background behind the Postcards from Cornwall collection?

‌The whole collection is based around our family holidays in Cornwall. It's one of mine and Paul's favourite places to visit and to take the children and we go every year on holiday, so it's a very special place to us. We've been taking the children since they were very young so every year is a different kind of special as they grow and get older. Whereas we used to love paddling and building sandcastles with them when they were younger, we love to surf and bodyboard with them now and every year we take them just gets more and more fun.

‌What’s so special about Cornwall?

Mawgan Porth in particular is our special place as we've spent many magical summers there as a family. It’s a place where all four of us enjoy and want to go. We usually drive down through the night on the last day of school before the summer holidays which always adds to the excitement!

‌We love the changing weather there and have been blessed with hot summers but also dramatic storms and cloudy skies. When you're in a wetsuit in the water however, you really can't tell and don't really care whether it's hot and sunny or windy and raining!

What's one of your favourite memories of holidaying in Cornwall?

The last day of our holiday a few years back really stands out in my memories. The waves were huge and the lifeguards circled us on a jet ski to keep us safe. It was invigorating though! The waves were so powerful and there were big happy smiles all round before we headed home. Fish & chips on the beach washed down with Prosecco is always a very fond memory too! We've spent many an afternoon watching the waves roll in and out whilst the seagulls try their luck with our fish and chips.

‌There's actually too many to write down. Watching the sunsets is always a highlight, as is listening to the DJ and live music at the Merrymore Inn; long lazy lunches at the Bedruthan Hotel and Spa watching the sea below and the shop at the Bedruthan Hotel and Spa. There are lots of beautiful, local art and crafts and I always come home with a new art book or a painting by a local artist.

What else do you love to do in Corwall?

We love to listen to the music when the wind is in the right direction from the Boardmasters Festival and the coastal walks are so beautiful; they have definitely inspired me in terms of colours, the flora and fauna along the walks is stunning.

The beaches in Cornwall are also a huge source of inspiration for me. There are lots of rock pools and nooks and crannies to explore at low tide and so many treasures to find in terms of shells and driftwood.

What are your favourite activities to do when in Cornwall?

‌We keep it simple; we like to bodyboard, surf and swim in the sea all day, explore the caves and rock pools, wash off the sand in the cold natural hidden waterfall, eat fabulous food, play cricket, catch, cards and just be together..!

Learning to surf with King Surf Peter, Tom and their team is so much fun. They are the best as it's the most tiring activity ever! You ache from head to toe afterwards and get washed up and spat out by the sea many times.

Where are some must-go places in Cornwall for visitors?

‌So many! But a few favourites I'd recommend include...

Treibban mill vineyard

The pig at Harlan bay for a extra special treat

Buying something new to wear or an anklet from Married To The Sea

The Falcon Inn set in the pretty Cornish village of St Mawgan

What's your favourite design from the collection?

I‌ really love our Ebb & Flow wave design. I'm obsessed with water and the ocean and so are the kids. I had two water births and both started water babies at 4 months old and share the same obsession with the sea. If it's a hot day the water is calm and with it being the UK, we don’t mind a bit of wind and cloud and big waves. I think Ebb & Flow really reflects the nature of the sea at Cornwall and the unpredictability of it too.

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