Real Room's // October Bloom in the Living Room

Today I would love to share the living/family room of Caroline Wood-Robertson, the founder and interior designer of Storylines Interior Design

We spotted her living room makeover on her Instagram account: @storylines_interior_design using our October Bloom wallpaper – a riot of colourful chrysanthemums.

We spoke to Caroline about her signature style, pops of colour and unexpected additions to her rooms. 


October Bloom By Woodchip & Magnolia  


What did you want to achieve with your renovation?

I wanted something dramatic but intimate; something which made a statement but was also welcoming. Our living room is well used and multi-functional; with 4 kids it gets a lot of use and I wanted it to remain our main family room. It needs to be cosy enough for family movie nights as well as sophisticated enough for entertaining. October Bloom is the perfect fit and it works beautifully with the painted inky walls.

Can you explain your signature home style?

I like to mix dark and light in our home, introducing colour, pattern and texture to create pockets of interest. Fundamentally I want to create a home which is just that; a home. So the design needs to work hard to deliver aesthetically and practically. I like personal touches, especially with artwork. Although I’m usually incredibly impatient to finish a room, I’d rather leave a wall empty and find the perfect piece which means something to me than just put something up for the sake of it. 

What inspired you to pick October Bloom? What attracted you to it?

I wanted a paper with real depth so was drawn to the dark background and loved the balance of colour used in the flowers. The scale of the pattern is perfect for the space and I love the structure of the blooms. 

 October Bloom By Woodchip & Magnolia


How does the finished room make you feel?

I absolutely love it! We completed it just before Christmas and it has become my favourite room in the house. It feels glamorous yet homely and makes me smile every time I go into it. The kids love it too, as does the dog. In fact, it’s pretty hard to get anyone out of it!

How does October Bloom work with your existing interiors? 

It works perfectly with the mix of light and dark that runs throughout our home. The pinks are picked up throughout the house too. I love to get a peek of the wallpaper from the hallway or the stairs.

What should no home be without?

Colour; whether that’s full on, head-to-toe brights, or subtle earthy tones. Whether it’s a colour pop or a pastel wash, I genuinely believe that colour, used to suit the personality of the home and it’s occupants, enhances every space. Oh, and something unexpected! I think every home (possibly every room) should have something that has an unexpected story, is personal or peculiar. It doesn’t need to be big, just something to start a conversation, to make people think!

What’s your favourite month?

May, because it’s my birthday and peony season! I love the warmer, lighter months and like to see the garden start to bloom after winter. 

What’s your favourite colour?

I’m naturally drawn to warm pinks and purples, but I’m also rather partial to using yellow as an accent colour. A little pop of yellow really does make me smile. 

October Bloom By Woodchip & Magnolia


Favourite flower?

A vase of blousy peonies on the table and I’m a happy woman! 

Finally, name three Woodchip & Magnolia products that you love?

Ava Marika wallpaper - it’s just divine. Those floral blooms are gorgeous. 

I also think the Pearl Lowe collaboration is just beautiful; especially the Wisteria wallpaper (Midnight mint would be my favourite and I have my eye on it for my bedroom!)

The cacti wallpapers are fun too - I’d love to use them in a kid’s bedroom design.

Ava Marika By Woodchip & Magnolia

 Ava Marika Moody 

Wisteria wallpaper by Pearl Lowe

 Wisteria in Midnight Mint by Pearl Lowe 

Cacti wallpaper by Woodchip & Magnolia

Cacti Multi By Woodchip & Magnolia 


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