Real Rooms: Murals at Nicola's house

Nothing puts more of a smile on our face than seeing Woodchip & Magnolia out in the wild, being enjoyed in our customers real homes.

Today's Real Room comes from Nicola at @loveallthingsquirky, who has used a couple of our murals throughout our home. We caught up with Nicola to pick her brains when it comes to putting interior designs together and ask her what she loves most about her Woodchip & Magnolia murals...


How would you describe your interior design style?
I'm best described as a lover of a pattern clash, especially a wall mural or two; colourful bold and eclectic.

What first attracted you to Woodchip & Magnolia?
Before we moved into this home I’d purchased some wall mural samples. What first drew me in was the texture of the paper, the bold murals and the selection that can work within any home interior. I also love the matt papers; they're perfect for hanging, even if you haven’t papered before as they're so versatile and made from strong paper. 

What inspired you to use our murals in your home?
I’ve always loved wall murals. They're the perfect way to inject colour and  personality into a room and they never go out of date. The Nirvana Mural we used in the living room was the first one we purchased and we're so pleased we chose it and love how it brings the outside in. Our Georgian listed home has ceilings that are 3m high and so we wanted to make a statement. We spoke to you guys and provided measurements, then the wall mural was manipulated to how we wanted it to look. When you enter the living room, the colours just pop; you get lost in the mural which makes it the perfect room to relax in and enjoy. 


Did you find the mural first and design the room around it, or did you work the murals into your existing decor?
When starting an interior project, most times I see a mural or a piece of patterned fabric and then tend to work with the colours of the pattern. That way you can’t go wrong in my opinion. I love how a wall mural is a great way to inject a pattern clash, along with a good mixture of textures in your furniture. You then have a wide range of statement pieces within that one room, which all piece together nicely and are sustainable. 

What are your favourite flowers?
I love wild hollyhocks and succulents. 

What's your favourite colour?
I love all different shades of greens; it's such a calming and peaceful colour. I'm a great believer of colour psychology and mindfulness, though when I was younger  I absolutely hated green!


What should no home be without?
Every home should have one wall mural. If you don’t feel like being too adventurous or having a huge bold mural, then consider panelling or framing the mural. Murals can also be provided on a smaller scale. For example, in my hallway the Heaton Border was installed underneath traditional coving and gave me another way to introduce pattern into the space. 

What's your favourite room in your home?
My fave rooms are the living room and family room, both of which have Woodchip and Magnolia murals on the walls. Each one feels so calm and they’re great spaces now filled with personality. I always receive such beautiful comments from friends and family when they come over. 

Do you have any projects lined up?
My next project is the dressing room (third room) and again, it’s a huge room. I did actually purchase the Oasis Mural in the sample sale but I’m going to have to purchase the same one again as it needs to bigger for the look I want! 

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