Regencycore: Bridgerton inspired decor ideas

Regencycore is the newest interior design trend on the block after Bridgerton-mania swept the nation following the success of the first season. Now it’s back with season 2 and it seems that everyone is just as obsessed about the interiors seen on the show as the first rime round. But, what is regencycore? 

Think opulence, sophistication and regal charm. Bridgerton is all about London's high society and the soft furnishings and interior style reflect that in the show. Heavy drapery, damask wallpaper, regal patterns and colour combinations of pink and blue, with bright splashes of orange and green are some of the elements that make up regencycore style. 

Here's how to tap into the regencycore trend with our round up of the best Bridgerton style decor ideas.

 first light

The entrance at Lady Danbury's house is bursting with opulence and sophistication from the warm terracotta shade of pink on the walls to the white and gold panelling and intricate staircase detail. Try 004 First Light for a similar pink shade.

Countryside bimble mural

Nothing screams opulence and power louder than a larger-than-life oil painting hanging in your throne room. Maybe skip the throne part but do try an eye-catching mural in the same old oil painting style; our Countryside Bimble Mural for example.

damask wallpaper

A powdery palette of soft pastel pinks and blues are a popular theme throughout the Bridgerton interiors, and apparently the Bridgerton Production designer Will Hughes-Jones was hugely inspired by the sets from Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette film, which also featured a very similar palette throughout. Combine the pastels with a regal print like Fearless Blush Pink and you've got yourself a firm nod to the regencycore trend.

hope and bloom wallpaper

The story goes that the pink palette throughout Lady Danbury's home was deliberate so as to recognise that we, as viewers, were in her space. We would have to agree with the tastes of the formidable Lady Danbury and admire her interior decor style. For the same look you'll need a fancy floral pink wallpaper just like our Maytime Dusky Pink


Wisteria has become synonymous with the series as it adorns the house of lead character Daphne Bridgerton. Give a subtle nod to the trend with a Wisteria print, either in wallpaper or mural format, and take your pick from a wide variety of colours which can be found in our Wisteria Collection


Mural mural on the wall...Make your home the fairest of them all with a Bridgerton inspired wall mural. Our Oasis Natural Mural and 008 Turton paint colour are pretty close matches to the paper and paint used in Will's impressive Gentlemen's Club room in the series. 

fabric drapery

Flowing drapery and patterned swag was a key design feature in both the regency period which Bridgerton is set in, and the series itself. Think luxurious and heavy drapery in rich, sumptuous fabrics, just like our range of stunningly soft and beautiful velvet and linen fabrics. 

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