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We do our best to make our designs on the website look as true to life as possible, but nothing beats seeing them in the flesh; feeling the quality and exploring the detail. Wallpaper, paint and fabric can look so different in real life, so it’s best to order a few samples to see which best suit your space.

wallpaper samples

Move it around
Make sure you hang your sample in different locations around your room. By doing this, you’ll be able to see how the sample looks in different parts of the room and at different times of the day. This especially applies to paint samples where lighting can change so drastically from one spot to another.

House of Horspool Nidra Ink mural

Consider which direction your room faces
Natural light can have a huge impact on colour in a room so before ordering your samples, determine which way your room faces to fully understand how colours might work. For example south-facing rooms have lots of strong clear natural light and so most colours work well, whereas a north-facing room can feel quite cold and therefore benefits from warm shades like pinks and yellows. East-facing rooms will have natural light in the morning and west-facing rooms in the early evening. For these rooms, think carefully about when they'll be used most to decide on which colours to go for on the walls. If the room is used most when there's little natural light, you'll also need to take into account the artificial light in there and what effect that might also have. The general rule of thumb though is that warm LED and halogen bulbs suit most colours. 

woodchip and magnolia mural

Think about scale
Make sure you consider the scale of the pattern in relation to your room. If it’s a large scale wallpaper design, ask yourself if it will fit on the wall you want to decorate. Or if a mural, make sure the key elements won’t be hidden by any large furniture. We can manipulate some of our designs to best accommodate your space so if in doubt, just get in touch!

wallpaper and paint samples recyclable
Reuse and recycle
We don’t like wastage, especially when there are so many creative ways to repurpose a sample. Why not frame a leftover fabric sample as a piece of artwork, or line a drawer with a wallpaper sample. Alternatively, make sure to pop them in the recycling bin as all our samples are 100% recyclable. 

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