Stripe Hype: 3 Smart Ways to Work Stripes Into Your Decor

awning stripe wallpaper

Stripes are a design classic that can be used in a multitude of ways to add colour and impact to a dream scheme. Here are 3 smart ways to work them into your space...

Image features Matchstick Stripe linen fabric by @houseofhaz4

1. Make stripes the focal point in your soft furnishings
Striped fabric is the perfect way to introduce colour and pattern to a space. It’s a classic design that works on its own or clashed with florals and checks. An easy way to achieve the high end interior design look.

awning stripe blush pink wallpaper

Image features Awning Stripe Blush Pink wallpaper by @kel_gordon_

2. Create the illusion of height with striped wallpaper
The same rules apply as they do in fashion when it comes to interiors, in that vertical stripes tend to elongate a room and make ceilings look higher. Accentuate the ceiling height with a bold wide striped wallpaper like Awning.

awning stripe wallpaper

Image features Awning Stripe Navy/White wallpaper by @interior.therapy

3. Choose a monochrome palette for impact
There’s nothing more striking than a dark bold stripe. Add pops of colours throughout the rest of the decor, such as a neon sign or bright cushions for further impact.

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