The Best Faux Surface Designs for a Kitchen

Not sure what to do with your kitchen walls? Add depth and interest with a faux surface wallpaper design without the cost and upheaval of the real deal.

Opting for a faux surface wallpaper turns white walls into something much more interesting whilst also adding warmth and texture. They'll also keep your guests guessing as you'd have to get really up close and personal to see it wasn't the real thing.

Whatever your style, there's a faux surface for every kitchen. Here's our round-up of our favourite inspiration to help you choose your own faux design.

brick faux wallpaper
Image L-R; Wayoh Brick, Urban Brick, Duke Street

Brick effect in a kitchen adds instant warmth and texture. From contemporary and cool to traditional red brick, there's a style for everyone. 

wood effect wallpaper
Image L-R; Painted White Chevron, Reclaimed Wood, Plank It

Wood Effect
Whether it's to create a rustic effect on the walls or to give a dresser a new lease of life, wood effect wallpaper adds a nostalgic depth to a space that might otherwise feel flat. 

concrete effect wallpaper
Image L-R; Concrete Blush, Concrete

Add subtle texture with a concrete effect wallpaper and breathe life into your kitchen walls.

stone effect wallpaper
Image L-R; Raw Blue Wall, Rustic Rural Stone

Mix old with new and bring a nostalgic 70s feel to a space with the rough texture of a stone effect wallpaper. 

tin tile wallpaper
Image L-R; Circular Tin Tile, Pastel Tin Tile, Cracked Tin Tile

Tin Tile
Faux tin tiles bring a slightly Mediterranean feel to a space. Opt for white for a subtle textured wall or bring in some colour with a blush tin tile. 

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